About IsGmex

Ismender Davin, better known by his stage name IsGmex, is a multi-talented musician and the pioneer of the Afro-trap genre. IsGmex was born on the picturesque Caribbean Island of Tortuga (Latortue), just off the northeastern coast of Haiti. From an early age, he was surrounded by the vibrant rhythms of Compa Music legends like Gazzman Couleur, Gracia Delva, and Reginald Cange, which helped shape his love for music. 

Also drawing inspiration from a diverse range of artists such as Bob Marley, 50 Cent, and Lil Wayne, IsGmex formed the band, “Challenger” soon after relocating to South Florida.  It was during this time that he honed his skills and developed his own unique brand of Afro-trap which marries Hip-Hop-inspired and Afro-R&B sounds. 

IsGmex has drawn natural comparisons to the likes of Ye, PartyNextDoor, Drake, and WizKid.  His 2021 debut EP Effort, showcases his ability to create unpredictable, melodious songs such as "Nights in Miami", "Body on Me" and party anthem, "The Weekend".  This year, he returned from a subsequent break out of sorts with the release of the Effort Deluxe Album which features breakout singles "Like Virgin" and "CoCo Pics." 

IsGmex birthed the fashion line Vveeccii in 2022, which represents the essence of the modern Renaissance Man - adaptable, stylish, and exclusive. With a diverse skill set and an innovative spirit, IsGmex will continue to push boundaries and make waves in both the music and fashion industries.


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